10 Just For Today By Dennis Kaptain

I was inspired on a cold rainy October day. This song is the result.

Listening to the rain, on a cold Autumn day
steady and gentle it falls silver gray 
Through colored leaves falling, I listen to the sound    
of rippled puddles forming  on the wet muddy ground

Irregular rhythms of patter are soothing my troubled mind
wind gusts whistle inside, the chimney from behind
The endless flat gray clouds, they obscure the light of day
leaves on the trees they flutter, falling lost in the fray
Lazy rain drops ramble down my streaked and misty bay
passing barely noticed beyond my,     vacant empty gaze
Gathering and turning   as they ripple along together
drizzling their way, down below, united again forever

I watch through blank eyes,  not a thought in my mind
my world, it is quiet,  if just, for, today


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