09 I'm Caught up in You By Dennis Kaptain

A bluesy love song.

[Verse 1]

The cool summer breeze, carries the scent of honeysuckle
the smell of the air is so sweet, or is that you?   
I'm caught up in you
[Verse 2]
Down by the pond, the wind and leaves sing us a song
The moonlight dancing on the rippling water ohhhh
I'm caught up in you... in you baby

[Guitar & Sax]

[Verse 3]
The cool breeze is just a light caress against our bare skin
as our sweat mixes, glistening like the stars in the sky
Awe baby, I'm so caught up in you

[Verse 4]
Our passionate embrace, a long, long kiss and our hearts beat as one
on our journey together, two souls separate yet one
And baby I'm so caught up in, I'm caught up in you


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